So very rare and far, far away!
Blogger Rachael has a unique talent--she finds bats that are unknown to photography or scientific illustration. Please enjoy this artistic representation of the Incan Little Mastiff bat by the amazing Kim O'Keefe.
We fully expect that Blogger Rachael will bring us photographic evidence of this bat when she returns from Peru.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week! I graduated on Wednesday! I have been very busy this week planning for my next year of adventures. With any luck, I will have an internship very soon and then I’ll be traveling to Peru and Ecuador! Wish me luck!

Since I will be traveling to South America, I have been researching bats from that area of the world. I found a really adorable bat from Peru!

Incan Little Mastiff Bats have small bodies covered in dark brown fur. They have thin round ears that, unlike most other free-tailed bats, aren’t conjoined in the center. However, these bats do have wrinkled lips making them quite adorable. They live in areas that are elevated, typically around 1,800-3,000 m above sea level. They live in the subtropical forests of Peru, and are primarily found near Machu Picchu. Sadly, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared that Incan Little Mastiff bats are a vulnerable species, and the nation of Peru considers them to be a critically endangered species. Due to these beliefs, the area that the bats live in is now a protected area.

If you want to read more about these bats you can do so here.

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Noel Lampazzi

Con-bat-ulations, Rachael!!! Good luck in South America, and have fun!

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