A radiograph of an eastern screech owl showing multiple fractures
There ARE fates worse than death
My heart cracks a little more every time I see or hear the advice “Don’t take it to the rehabber! They’ll just kill it!” Or Don’t call animal control; they’ll just kill it; or don’t call the game warden, etc, etc. The idea that people who have careers and avocations dedicated to helping animals will “just kill” a wild animal is crazy! Yet, the sentiment comes from somewhere, and the fact is, lots of animals that are taken to wildlife rehabbers, shelters, wardens, veterinarians, wildlife facilities, are, in fact, killed. But they aren’t “just killed.” They are relieved of suffering.…
Not a pest; needs no ‘control’
Summer should be a time of joy for nature lovers. Young wild animals are venturing out and learning important lessons so they can carry on their species. For us, the skies should be full of young bats on their early forays, following their mothers as they observe her hunting.
A Plea from President Leslie
As we alerted you a couple days ago, there is a bill in front of the Virginia House of delegates, SB 1390, that authorizes anyone to release feral cats onto the landscape. We understand the reasoning behind the bill as it protects animal shelters and their volunteers who administer feral cat projects. But the bill has serious issues. There are no guidelines or guardrails on the bill, it authorizes ANYONE to establish a feral cat release project ANYWHERE and offers NO protection for Virginia’s wildlife. We know that all of you are animal lovers and many have beloved cats of…