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We welcome youth-driven projects and volunteers. Please contact us to discuss project proposals. But first, be sure to check out the Save Lucy Club to see if your project qualifies for Lucy Club Points. If it does, just jump right in!

Past Projects:

  • Girl Scout Gold Award Project: Experimental bat box designs
  • Girl Scout Bronze Award: Educational video
  • Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award: Experimental hibernation chamber and flight cage upgrade


The Save Lucy Campaign welcomes adult volunteers. We need people who can help with weekday and weekend educational events in the Washington DC metro region. We also need the assistance of creative people to help us develop outreach programs and opportunities and coordinate offsite youth volunteer projects.

Bat Care

We also welcome volunteers who can help with bat care; potential caretakers must be 18 or older and have pre-exposure rabies vaccination. Persons seeking internships are encouraged to contact us, however internships are unpaid and are NOT full time. There are opportunities to explore behavior, environmental enrichment, and social interaction among captive bats.


We are seeking help with administrative functions such as fundraising, grant writing, record keeping and website maintenance.


We welcome enthusiastic community members to serve on our board of directors.

Contact us directly or apply through VolunteerMatch.org

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