Workshops & Internships

As part of our education and conservation mission, we offer educational workshops and other training opportunities

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President Leslie Sturges is an experienced speaker and presenter. She has presented at numerous symposia, workshops, and association meetings. Topics have included:

  • Bat Conservation
  • The Natural History of Bats
  • Bats for Gardeners
  • Bats for Animal Control and Public Health
  • Urban Wildlife Ecology
  • Environmental Enrichment for Wildlife Rehabilitators
  • Teaching the Joy of Nature to a Plugged-in World

In addition, she has developed an all-day bat rehabilitation workshop:

Rehabilitator Education:

All-day Bat Workshop

Workshops are not limited to rehabilitators. We welcome animal control officers, biologists, and bat enthusiasts! Topics include Natural History, Species ID, Rehab Basics, Handling with live bats (for vaccinated attendees only), Diagnostic Lab and an update on WNS.

Attendees of Virginia workshops earn 6 rehabilitation continuing education credits. Workshops featuring handling sessions and diagnostics labs make use of Bat Conservation & Rescue's education bats and specimens and must be within a day's drive of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

The Basics

We require a hosting organization to provide a venue that will seat at least 50 people. We require a minimum of 20 paid attendees to hold a workshop. We will set a base fee per attendee. If the host wishes to, they may add an additional fee for the hosting organization. Hosts may have up to 5 complementary seats for VIP attendees. Bat Conservation & Rescue will handle registration and fee collection.

Opportunities for Traveling Workshops:

We are willing to travel to present workshops. We require hosting organizations secure a venue and pay travel expenses and a fee for the presenter. We also ask that local experts address natural history of native bat species. Our presenter will address rehabilitation techniques, diagnostics, etc. If handling and/or diagnostic sessions with specimens are desired, the host organization must make arrangements for live animals and/or specimens to be available.

All proceeds support Bat Conservation & Rescue's education and rehabilitation programs.

Please contact us about workshop opportunities!


We are thrilled to be able to offer internship opportunities in Summer 2024.

Bat & Cottontail Handling & Rehabilitation Internships

The internship provides in-depth, hands-on experience in native insectivorous bat and rabbit rehabilitation. Length of Internship is focused on the intensive baby season during which interns will assist with monitoring health and development and provide regular feeding and care of wild patients while managing ambassador animals and other aspects of wildlife rehabilitation. Interns will learn about husbandry, nutrition, hand-feeding techniques, capture and restraint methods, wild diets, wildlife laws, and release criteria. Click images at right for more details.

This internship is a collaboration with Augusta Cottontails where interns have the opportunity to spend a portion of their time working with a nationally recognized cottontail expert.

Important details:

Intern period starts May 15 and ends August 15, 2024

Includes a $500 per month stipend 

Candidates must show proof of rabies vaccination or a current titer

Candidates must be vaccinated against COVID

Public transportation is not available. Preference given to candidates with local housing, but limited housing may be available depending on candidate qualifications.

Please submit cover letter, resume, proof of rabies vaccination or current titer, and COVID-19 vaccination record to by April 1, 2024. Direct any questions to

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