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Raise funds for White Nose Syndrome studies.

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I donated $20 to the Save Lucy Campaign!!
I know it’s not much, but I wanted to help somehow.

<3, TheNerdsPerspective


You are awesome!! Thank you


I donated $20 to the Save Lucy Campaign — instead of giving favors at my 7th birthday party, I let my guests vote to give money to two good causes. Save Lucy and an organization that helps hungry kids tied! I love bats!


It’s my birthday again! This year, I “adopted” a bat for my 2nd class at school and gave money to the Save Lucy Campaign to give as my party favor (with chocolate bat pops that mom and I are making). And two different people adopted bats for me as birthday presents! It’s a very batty 8th birthday.

Thank you very much for having such a batty birthday! And thank you very much for your donation. The bats appreciate the mealworms your donation helps buy, and we appreciate being able to take care of the bats!


Another year older and another donation to my favorite organization!

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