Kids are doing great things to help bats!

Miss Hope's preschool class made a website and raised money for WNS research! They wrote this sweet letter to Lucy

Dear Lucy,
We are helping to save bats that are sick. We made lots of money for scientists to find a medicine. We sold cookies. We love you and want you and all of your friends to get better. Here is our cool bat page:

MacKenzie asked for donations to help bats instead of presents for her birthday. She's donating the money for WNS research! UPDATE: Here's a picture of MacKenzie's cake, which she designed and made herself. Yum!

On behalf of Lucy (she can't type) we thank Mis Hope's class and MacKenzie for their efforts.

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Dear Lucy we are so glad that our bake sale made you happy. We want all the bats to get better from the white nose sickness,


MacKenzie, All of the children in my class (and me too) think you are AWESOME for donating your birthday money.
Happy Birthday!
Miss Hope


good efforts

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