Bats are in the scientific order Chiroptera which means “hand-wing.” If you look at a bat’s wing, it is supported by the bones of the hand. Bat wings are made of skin that is stretched over the bat’s arm and fingers. The wings go all the way from the arms to the ankles.

An example of a bat wingBats have five fingers, just like us. They even have a thumb. Bat thumbs have a claw that is used for climbing and holding food. Bat fingers are very long compared to the length of its body. They support the wing. The membrane of the wing is made up of two layers of skin and muscles. When bats fly, they don't just flap their wings up and down. They move their wings in a way that looks like a swimmer moving his arms while swimming the butterfly stroke. Bats also use their wings to wrap around their food (insects or fruit) to catch or hold it while eating.

If you look at the video of the bat at my house, you can see its wings really well. Isn't it cute?!!!

Next time I will talk about bat tails and tales…

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