It’s Been a Great Year!

A copy of Save LucyHello to all our friends and supporters. Thank you so much for your art, kind words, donations, purchases, and bat rescues. We are thrilled to know that so many caring people are out there helping us help bats. Please keep it up! And please help us grow! If you know children who would like to contribute to the project, please send them to the website. If you're feeling crafty or arty, feel free to contribute, too!

We have some exciting new efforts underway: certification programs, training opportunities, classroom outreach, and more! If you haven't decided which organizations to support at year's end, we need financial support to keep feeding the bats and to launch new endeavors.

Please read our 2013 Year End report here, or click the image at left.

In the face of WNS and the potential loss of entire bat species, people like you are making a difference. We may not be able to entirely stop WNS or even save species, but you are making the world a better place for bats. Thank you.

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