The Artistry of Bats

In today's post, both of our contributors are at play in the world of the imagination! Please enjoy Rachael and E's interpretations of what bats might do and say if they operated in the human realm! 

Hi! I hope everyone enjoyed Tinybat’s blog last week. I think he did a wonderful job, but I can’t figure out how he did it. He is so small, he must have flown from key to key.

I wrote a poem about a bat suffering through this wacky weather we’ve been having.

Waiting for Spring

Every time I looked outside, it seemed the snow kept falling.

I was so sad, my eyes they just kept bawling.

A drawing of a bat taking a selfie with miniature pigs
What would a bat with a camera and two pig friends do?

It was too cold to go out and play.

In the cave, I had to stay.

I asked my mom, “How long until Spring?”

She said to wait until I hear the birds sing.

I’ve been so bored with nothing to do.

The only bird I’ve heard is a winter owl’s “Hoo!”

My mom said, “Be patient, little one.”

I will, when the snow is done.

Finally, I hear the bird song.

Now, it won’t be long.

My squeaky bat song has begun.

Now I sing, “Spring has sprung!”

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