Summer Dreaming

This week's blog features Rachael's imagination inspired by a new illustration by E.

Hi Everyone. Tinybat wrote another poem! I think it’s pretty good for a little bat. Don’t you? And he did it with no help… 

A drawing of a bat relaxing at the beach by E Wright

Tinybat’s Vacation Dream

 On the beach I’ll lay

But not in the sun of the day

I’ll be in Hawaii soon

To tan by the light of the moon

The umbrella will give me shade

My pale winter look will fade

Will a bat get a burn?

    I’ll try to remember to turn

    While I sip my beetle drink

    The ice against the glass will clink

    I dream of going to the beach

    But for me, that might be out of reach

    Instead, I’ll stay here with my people

    And maybe eat a little beetle

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