Here comes batty fuzzytail, flapping down the batty trail. Filppity, flapitty…

Baturday News is a weekly blog written by Rachael, a 7th grade student and Save Lucy volunteer. Rachael’s interest in bats was sparked by the big brown bats that used the outside of her former home for a winter roost. Her family cheerfully hosted this wild colony for years.

A photograph of a bat species with exceptionally lage ears, Nycteris hispida
Our friend Ina Helmers, picked this Nycteris hispida as the perfect Easter bat. Photo by Paul Webala.

Hi Everyone! I have news, but I can’t decide if it’s good news or bad news. The federal government has decided to list the Northern Long-Eared Bat as a threatened species. I think it might be good news because the little bats will get some protections from the government and hopefully some extra help. I think it’s bad news because the poor little bats need the help. So I’m torn…good news or bad news?

I would like to wish a very Happy Passover to those who celebrate! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! And Happy Easter to my readers who celebrate the holiday! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots and lots of yummy things! Maybe the little bats here at Save Lucy will get some tasty chocolate covered mealworms! I’m sure they’d all love that.

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