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Baturday News is a weekly blog written by Rachael, a high school student, bat advocate, and Save Lucy volunteer. Rachael’s interest in bats was sparked by the big brown bats that used the outside of her former home for a winter roost. Rachael has been writing the Baturday News for over three years.

A photograph of a bat box designed by Bat BnB
One of the lovely designs by Bat BnB.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week. I have been watching a lot of bats flying around outside. One night this week, I saw at least 10 of them flying around. A few of them were flying really high, but some came down pretty low. I had a lot of fun watching them.

I read an article about two guys who are starting a business building bat houses. They were concerned about all the mosquitoes and the Zika virus and decided they could do something to help. They didn’t like the idea of using pesticides with all the harsh chemicals, so they decided to use natural pest control methods. They are helping bats!

The men are working with bat conservation groups to design the perfect houses for our furry little friends. The article includes a picture of a couple of their houses. I think they look very nice and comfy for bats. I hope they are able to make a lot of houses and many, many bats happily move in.

If you would like to read the article, you can find it here.

I hope you all have a good week!


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