Adorable and fruity!

A photograph of Egyptian fruits bats Peekaboo and Boo 2 hanging together at Bat World Sanctuary.
Our favorite Egyptian fruit bats, the gone-far-too-soon Peekaboo and her adorable buddy, Boo 2. Both bats were/are cared for by Bat World Sanctuary. Please support their efforts to keep these wonderful bats out of the pet trade!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week. I was looking up interesting bats from around the world and found a really adorable one called the Rousettus Bat. Rousettus bats are also more commonly known as Egyptian Fruit Bats. These bats have orange-yellow fur around their necks that match nicely with the dark brown and gray fur along their backs and stomachs. Rousettus bats are found in the tropical rainforests, savanna, and tropical deciduous forests in Africa. They are also found in scrub forests of Mediterranean Turkey.

Egyptian Fruit bats eat a lot of fruit each night. They like to eat soft, pulpy fruit, especially wild dates. They also eat unripe fruit and fruit damaged by insects or fungus. Because they eat this fruit, they are able to survive when ripe fruit is not available.

If you would like to read more about the Rousettus bat, you can find information here.

And now for the exciting news! Herndon Nature Fest is tomorrow afternoon from 1 – 5 PM. It is being held at Runnymede Park, 195 Herndon Pkwy in Herndon, VA. Save Lucy’s President, Mrs. Sturges, will be there with some bats and I will be there too! If you are in the area, I hope to see you there.

Have a good week!

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