Not a great photo, but a photo of baby silver hair bat tushie! The rest of the pup is under the mother's wing.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week! I have some news to share. Early this school year, I was part of a school exchange program where a girl from German came and lived with my family for a few weeks. This time it’s my turn to visit her! Unfortunately, this means that I will be missing the next few blog posts. I promise to tell you all about my trip when I get back.

I have more big news! The first bat pups of the season have arrived! While it’s sad that these pups need to be in rehab, they are still very cute and fun to watch. Four days ago, The Save Lucy Campaign got the first orphan Big Brown Bat pup of the year. The next day, a Silver Haired Bat that doesn’t want to leave rehab delivered at least one bat pup, possibly two. I love watching the video of the mom positioning her baby!

Silver Haired Bats are one of the most common bats in the United States. They roost in Old Growth forests. Silver Haired Bats eat small insects. They like to eat flies, midges, leafhoppers, moths, mosquitoes, and other soft bodied insects, as well as spiders. I especially like the fact that they eat mosquitoes and spiders.

If you would like to read more about the Silver Haired Bat, you can find information here.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the month. I’ll see you all in July.

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