Say, can you spare a quarter?
Official proof from the US Mint.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week. Mine was great because it snowed! Ok, so it only snowed about an inch, but it gave us a day off of school.

 I am very happy because I just learned that a new US quarter for 2020 will feature a picture of bats! It will be released on February 3rd, as a US Mint’s America the Beautiful quarter. It is so adorable. It depicts a mother Samoan fruit bat hanging upside-down with her baby. I’ve talked about these bats before as one of my Bat Scout Cookies. The bat publicity will hopefully raise awareness of how adorable these critters are, and how they need our help in preventing habitat loss and preventing commercial hunting.

You can read more about the coin here. Here is information from the US Mint.

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