Do they go plip plop when they climb??
OK, that's cute! Sucker footed bats (Myzopoda aurita). Photo by Paul Racey at

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a good week! 

I was reading about different bats and found a really cute one. It’s called the Sucker-footed bat and, much like its name suggests, these bats have suction pads on their wrists and ankles that allow them to stick to leaves. Instead of resting head down like most bats, these bats cling to leaves upright and use their tail for stability. These are the only bats that are able to sleep upright. Sucker-footed bats are native to Madagascar and are usually found along the east coast of the island. These bats live in the forested areas, and seem to like bigger broad leafed plants as hiding spots and roosts. If you would like to read more about these bats you may do so here.

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