A Huge Thank You!

We are honored and grateful that Penn State Dickinson School of Law's Student Animal Legal Defense Fund included Save Lucy in their Year of the Bat fundraiser. They raised enough money to help subsidize adult education programs, purchase Lucy's Club incentives, or provide 4 months of mealworms for the education bats.

UPDATE December 30: We inadvertently left out the members of the ALDF's University Park Branch. They are: Holly Moncavage, Jessica Brown, John Novak, and Jesse Baez. And we extend a huge and heartfelt Thank You to these wonderful people.

Members of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
(from L to R): Caitlin Pietranico, Michael Gleeson, Alisha Falberg, Christen Rafuse, Katie Summers and Eunice Yang
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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