They’re baaack!!!

A small colony of big brown batsBaturday News is a weekly blog written by Rachael, a 6th grade student and Save Lucy volunteer.

I am so exited because my bats are back!!!!! The first one got here around dinner time one night last weekend. A couple of hours later, there were two more. So far, I have only seen the three of them. Two of them like to cuddle together and one of them sits off by itself. There is also a “blob” up in a corner, but it’s too dark in there for me to tell how many there are. I always try to count their noses, so that I can figure out how many there are. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, they look at me. I think it’s fun to look up at the bats and see them staring back at me. They are so CUTE!!! I have not seen them flying around yet though. L I remember one time a few years ago when one of them flew down at my dad when he was looking at them. It was really funny. That was the evening that we all learned not to stand in their doorway when they’re leaving to go eat.


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