A Busy Week!

dehydratedHello Everyone.  The people at Save Lucy have been busy this week.  They got an adorable, but very sick silver hair bat.  He was dehydrated and very sad.  I’m happy to report that he is feeling much better now.  They also got 4 big brown bats that had injuries that looked like they had been attacked by cats.  Two of them were too hurt and didn’t make it, but they were able to save the other two.

Later in the week, they got a very sick big brown bat.  painty2It had been put in a paint can with wet paint.  He’s had a rough time.  He needed charcoal to get the paint out of his system. Then he needed a flax oil treatment to get the paint off his face and wings. He’s doing much better now and is causing some problems for his rehabilitator. He managed to crawl up into the top of his incubator, which needed to be disassembled to get him out.  Since he’s so ambitious, they think he’s going to be ok.

Please remember that if you see a bat that looks hurt or sick, don’t try to save it yourself.  Please call your local rescue group.  They know what they are doing and can help the animals. While you are waiting for the rescue people, please use something like a cardboard box to contain the bat.  Wet paint cans can cause more harm than good. And, last but not least, I know it’s hard not to cuddle them yourselves, but believe it or not, bats don’t want to be cuddled.

(You can find local bat rescue by clicking this link, which our friends at Bat World Sanctuary maintain.)

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