Update from the flight cage and other new locations

Baturday News is a weekly blog written by Rachael, a 7th grade student and Save Lucy volunteer. Rachael’s interest in bats was sparked by the big brown bats that used the outside of her former home for a winter roost. Her family cheerfully hosted this wild colony for years.

A photograph of juvenile red bats eating from cage cups
Four juvenile red bats use feeding stations at the Save Lucy acclimation cage

Hi Everyone! I would like to report that the Brazilian Free Tailed Bat is growing up. She has finally grown some fur. Sadly, they haven’t been able to find her colony. She won’t be able to be released if they can’t find her home. The juvenile bats are enjoying their flight cage time. They love flying laps and have even learned to dive into the mealworm cups to get yummy treats. Then they fly around while they are chewing on them. It looks like they are all flying well and might be able to be released in about a week!

Other news of the week is that I moved. I am going to miss my bats. My mom promised that I’ll be able to go back to my old house and check on them sometimes. I hope there are some new bats for me to meet here at the new house. I’m looking forward to finding them.

For those of you who are reading this from Northern Virginia, Bat Fest Arlington is Saturday, August 16 (today) and Bat Fest Annandale is Saturday, September 13. I hope some of you can make it.


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