It’s Bat Appreciation Month!!

Hi Everyone! HAPPY BAT APPRECIATION MONTH!!! October is the month to celebrate all things batty. Here are a few ideas of some things you could do.

You could make bat cookies. All you need is a bat shaped cookie cutter.

You could make bat cupcakes. These are really cute:

Or you could do a bat craft. This one is adorable:

A photo of a pom pom bat craft from Red Ted Art
Bat Craft from Red Ted Art.

Logo for Project EduBatYou can do something special for BAT WEEK (Oct 26—Nov 1) like ask your teacher to watch the Edubat Program  on October 29, check out the Save the Bats project , or donate a drawing or poem to Save Lucy’s I Care Project .



You could go out and look for bats. Check out this video to hear bats’ ultrasonic songs!

You could even go around talking with a Transylvanian accent.

I’m sure there are millions of other ways to celebrate. Have fun thinking up some more.

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