Who does your highlights? They’re so golden!
A golden bat! Photo by Marco Tschapka.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good week! Thursday was my last day of school. I graduate next week!

I read an article about an adorable bat that was discovered in 2014. They have lovely yellow colored fur, which gave them the name Golden Bat. Its scientific name is Myotis midastactus after King Midas, because his hand could turn anything it touched to gold.

These bats live in South America, primarily in Bolivia, and so their golden color helps them blend into their desert surroundings. They can camouflage into dried grass and dead shrubs. If they had a browner color like other micro bats, then predators could easily spot them. These bats eat small insects and roost in hollow trees, thatched roofs, and in holes in the ground.

Originally, these bats were mistaken as Myotis simus,a bat species that is not known to be golden, but are instead brown furred. If you want to read more about these bats you can do so here.

[Congratulations to Blogger Rachael on her high school graduation. Please join us in clapping and eating cake on her behalf!--Ed.]

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Thank you Rachael, I had never heard of this bat before. Also congrats on your graduation!


Congratulations on graduating, from a fan in Oregon! I hope you keep on writing about bats as you move forward; Baturday News is always fun to read =)


Thank you! I’m glad you like the Baturday News!


Thank you!

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